Terms & Conditions

Geeky Homewares takes the utmost care in ensuring that your chosen product is carefully picked off the shelf and packed to be delivered safely to your delivery address. We fully understand the importance of mint condition of all collectibles, so we try our very hardest to ensure that all our products stay that way, from our store to your home.

However, it is understandable that your product may have been damaged in the course of transit or there is some form of manufacturing defect therefore making the product unfit for its intended purpose. If this so happens to be the case with your delivered product please contact Geeky Homewares immediately via email to info@geekyhomewares.com

Customers who have purchased from Geeky Homewares should be aware that all returns and exchanges offered must be received by Geeky Homewares within 30 days of receiving your product at your delivery address. We will contact you within 1-2 business days after receiving your enquiry.

Upon receiving a notification of damage or manufacturing defect, we may request photographic evidence of the parcel or the particular product that has the identified issue. We will review the photographs and contact you at our earliest convenience to discuss further options in relation to the product issue.


All refunds are at the discretion of Geeky Homewares. Unless the product is deemed defective or different from the advertised product you will not be entitled to a refund or exchange of any kind.

In the event a refund is issued, you will receive your money back in the same manner and currency in which you purchased the product i.e.; Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

  • If you purchased via Credit Card
  • If Cancelled by Customer incur a 6% Restocking Fee

Refunds to a Credit Card will be made to the exact card that was used to purchase the product. The refund you are issued will be made in Australian Dollar (AUD) at the current exchange rate. Geeky Homewares is not liable for any in amount refunded due to exchange rates.

It may take up to 30 days for the refund to show up on the card statement.

In the event of your card being expired or cancelled, the refund will need to be made through Bank Transfer or PayPal. Geeky Homewares cannot refund money to a different Credit Card.

  • If you purchased via PayPal

How a refund is credited is dependent on how the original payment was made:

If you paid via Bank Account (eithereCheck or Instant Transfer) or PayPal balance, the money will be refunded back to your PayPal balance.

If you paid via Credit Card, the money will be refunded back to your card. It may take up to 30 days for the refund to show up on the card statement.

Refunds are issued in Australian Dollar (AUD) at PayPal’s current currency exchange rate. Geeky Homewares is not liable for any variation in amount refunded due to exchange rates.

  • If you purchased via Bank Transfer

If you have paid via Bank Transfer Geeky Homewares will refund the money to your Bank Account. In order to do this you must first provide Geeky Homewares with your Account Name, BSB & Account Number.

Transfers from financial institutions are not instant and may take up to 3 – 5 business days from the time the transfer was made to receive your refund.